HayMax Organic Pollen Blocker

"Live life to the Haymax"

HayMax Lavender

The perfect balm for bedtime, lightly scented with lavender to ensure a dreamy night of sleep. 

HayMax Aloe Vera

Ultimate soothing for your sore nose, we only use the juicy part of the Aloe Vera plant to ensure maximum relief.

HayMax Pure

Made from organic beeswax and essential oils. Our best seller and the one that started it all off.



Multi Award Winning HayMax Is A Natural Balm.

When It Is Applied To The Base Of The Nose It Reduces Pollen From Entering The Body.

Less Pollen = Less Sneezing & Itchy Eyes.

Step 2

Gently massage HayMax around the base of the nostrils.

HayMax Is Easy To Apply.

Step 3

To maximise effectiveness reapply HayMax regularly throughout the day like a lip balm.

Step 1

Place a small amount of HayMax on your finger